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Update - February 2023: We currently have a postdoc and phd position available!

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Meet the team

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Dr. Sarit Szpiro 

Principle Investigator
I am a lecturer at the department of special education at the University of Haifa and am part of the Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center . Previously,  I completed my Phd in cognitive psychology at New York University under the supervision of Prof. Marisa Carrasco studying perceptual learning and attention. I continued my research studying assistive technologies in the field of human-computer interaction with a postdoc at Cornell Tech (supervised by Prof. Shiri Azenkot) and Harvard Medical school (Prof. Gabriel Krieman and Prof. Eli Peli). In between I also worked as a data scientist in various companies including Amazon Alexa.  

Karst Hoogsteen

Project: Assistive technologies for low vision 
MSc in Management Economics and Consumer Studies from Wageningen University. Currently a project manager at Bartimeus, Utrechet, Netherlands.
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Omer Marom

Project: How appearance and priors are modified throughout development 

Phd student majoring in autism, in the Department of special education, at the faculty of Education in Haifa University. 

I hold B.A in special education and a teaching certificate from Oranim academic College. Currently, I study different aspects of children's perception under the guidance of Prof. Bat-Sheva Hadad and Dr. Sarit Szpiro. 

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Kholod Bibar

Project: How we perceive emotional expressions

Bachelor's degree in occupational therapy, University of Haifa.

Lior Maman 

Project: Assisting low vision with augmented reality 
Undergrad student in Information Systems and Cognitive Science
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Rami SalamehProject: Augmented reality to improve mobility for people with low visionMaster's student in Information Systems

Mor Fingerman

Project: Assisting low vision navigate multi-person meetings
Master's student in Information Systems 

Eman Mhajne 

Project: How children learn and and modify priors in vision 
Master student in Special Education

Mais Abbas

Project: How auditory and visual perception are linked in older adults

I hold BA in the Communication Sciences and Disorders. As an audiologist, I currently perform hearing tests and vestibular examinations on patients ranging in age from infancy to adulthood. I am now pursuing a Master's degree in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Haifa in the hearing and cognition cluster.  My thesis is under the supervision of Dr. Hanin Karawani and Dr. Sarit Szpiro, it aims to investigate age-related sensory decline in auditory and visual perception and their interaction with cognitive decline. 

Haneen  Karah 

Project: Perceptual learning in vision and audition across the lifespan Hanin Karah is a clinical audiologist and a PhD student at the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa. Lately, she has published her first research “Auditory Perceptual Exercises in Adults Adapting to the Use of Hearing Aids”. In her PhD she will continue to work on perceptual learning. 



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Tanweer Milhem (Master thesis)

Project: Improving employment skills of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by exposing them to video prompts I am an occupational therapist (I hold B.O.T from Tel-Aviv University), and work with children and adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities. I have always been passionate to help people, especially with special needs. That's why I chose to major in special education- Autism and Developmental Disabilities for my master's degree.
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Renana Twito (Master thesis)

Project: Perception of emotions in autism
Master's student in the Special Education department
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Tova Kimhi-Hananel

Project: Assisting ADHD students focus on teachers in the classroomMaster's student in the Special Education department

Mohamed Sliman

Cognitive Science student

Final project 2022

Project: Using big data to understand the needs of people with low vision
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Amit Zarbiv

Cognitive Science student 

Final project 2021

Project: How parents with visual impairments play with sighted children

B.A student majoring in cognitive science and human resources.