Some of the projects ongoing in the lab

How can AR assist people with low vision?

We are developing new application in which augmented reality glasses (i.e., Hololens) can be used to assist people with low vision in tasks like mobility and shopping. This is a collaboration with Dr. Joel Lanir.

Student: Rami Salameh

Man with Hololens smart glasses in the middle of a side walk in a street

Perceptual Learning and Appearance

This project examines whether and how learning perceptual tasks shapes our perceptual experience. How stimulus appears, often does not match the true physical stimulus and may be distorted. This relationship, between a physical stimulus and its appearance, stands at the center of psychophysics. Yet, surprisingly little is known about how PL alters appearance.

Students: Charlie Burlingham; Anna Pinchuk

Who said that?

This project examines how to assist people with low vision during meetings with multiple participants. This is a collaboration with Dr. Joel Lanir.

Students: Mor Fingerman

She still seems angry: Perception of emotions in autism

We are testing how people with autism process emotional expressions and whether and how they are able to understand that an emotion has changed.

Students: Renana Twito

Improving employment for people with intellectual disabilities using video prompts

This project examines whether and how people with intellectual disabilities can use video prompts to perform multi-step tasks and learn new tasks without assistance.

Students: Tanweer Milhem

How do perceptual priors develop in children?

As adults our perception is already shaped by years of perceptual experience, that bias our perception to stimuli we have experienced. Here we examine how these distortions in perception develop over childhood.

Students: Omer Marom